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    How to Meal Prep Like a Pro

    Meal prepping is a popular trend that can save time and money while also helping individuals achieve their health goals. By preparing meals in advance, individuals can ensure they have nutritious food on hand and avoid the temptation of fast food and other unhealthy options. Here are some tips to help you meal prep like a pro:

    1. Plan ahead: Before you start meal prepping, take some time to plan your meals for the week. Consider your schedule, any dietary restrictions, and what ingredients you have on hand. Make a list of the recipes you want to make and the ingredients you’ll need.
    2. Use the right containers: Invest in good quality containers that are sturdy and leak-proof. Mason jars, glass containers, and BPA-free plastic containers are all good options. Label your containers with the date and contents to avoid confusion.
    3. Incorporate variety: Eating the same thing every day can get boring quickly. Incorporate variety by choosing recipes with different flavors and textures. Make a few different recipes each week so you have some variety in your meals.
    4. Cook in bulk: When you’re meal prepping, it’s best to cook in bulk. This saves time and ensures you have enough food for the week. Make large batches of grains, proteins, and vegetables that can be mixed and matched throughout the week.
    5. Store properly: Store your prepped meals in the fridge or freezer depending on how soon you plan to eat them. Meals stored in the fridge should be eaten within three to four days, while those in the freezer can last up to three months.

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